How it's made? - The tech behind our T-shirts


Each picture tells its own story, one of fire, ice, rocks, water and snow. A superior experience in photography, to catch the right scene with the right light and focus, as well as hunting instincts and a little bit of luck are the keys to getting the best shots. Storms and dangerous terrains, being chased by predators and bad weather are not barriers for our photographers. Now you can enjoy their most spectacular shots exclusively by Hillman®.


We use only the world's most advanced printing equipment with unbeatable pixel resolution through a slow printing process with original Epson® inks-certified to be harmless to both humans and nature. 


Photocamouflage® is the world's highest resolution camouflage and the first to use 100% realistic nature. Photocamouflage® is the best in camouflage technology with unbeatable natural color balance and a superb 3D effect for ultimate blending with nature.

Photo camouflage hintign t-shirts


The superfine combed cotton with Lycra® used for the sleeves and back is the same material used for underwear by the world's most famous fashion brands. The front panel is made of the finest polyester fibers through advanced cotton touch technology, and is so fine and cozy that you will be feeling luxury and satisfaction from the first touch. 


Our shirts are made with an ergonomically curved bottom that delivers an outstanding hi-tech look and grants easy access to your pant's pockets.
The reinforced neck will provide additional durability and the transition to front-side shoulder seams will bring excellent comfort when using a backpack.


By using the same advanced production technologies, facilities and management systems as those of the world’s top designer brands, we ensure our products are the highest grade possible. Skilled tailors, cutters, fitters, constructors and technicians work with passion and superb accuracy in the production process. Each T-shirt is made with the greatest care and strictest quality requirements.
From the thread to the fabric, all the materials used in creating your T-shirt are made in Europe.


Our design team took the challenge to select a picture of single deer among twenty thousand shots. To find the image which will fit perfectly the T-shirt and have the right lights, color and focus, in the right place, to do trial fitting designs of thousands of shots and to find the one which fits perfectly was a long working process. We made tons of trial prints to match the right color to position the bird or the animal on the right place and to fit with the masterpiece of Photocamouflage® with a stunning 3D effect. By owning a Hillman T-shirt, you will find how our hard team work, professionalism and experience lead us to the iconic designs which do not have competition and are made with the greatest passion for you.

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