ALLIGATOR Short sleeve T-shirt

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The Alligator t-shirt is created to bring you closer to nature when you are in an urban setting. It will bring to your life an entirely new spirit of clothing exclusively made for hunters with style. It is made fully ergonomic with luxurious grade materials to be your favorite and to last longer than any other t-shirt you have.


    +  When you are not hunting - to keep the hunting close to you.
    +  To show your passion for the game you love to hunt.
    +  Educate the ones around you about how the game looks close up.
    +  Built to bring you an entirely new hunting fashion experience.


    +  4K resolution of printable images |4xHD|
    +  Italian designer runway fabrics. |of Versace® underwear|
    +  Epson® inks - certified harmless for human & nature
    +  100% Made in Europe
    +  Ergonomic tailoring with curved bottom
    +  Licensed professional photos
    +  Licensed Photocanmouflage® elements


    +  94% cotton | 6% Lycra on back, sleeve and collar fabric
    +  94% cotton-touch polyester | 6% Lycra - front printed panel
    +  US Sizes S-4XL - matching the charts of most US sporting brands


    +  Lifetime warranty
    +  Unlimited wash cycles without print fading
    +  Money back guarantee
    +  Satisfaction guarantee
    +  Hassle-free return and exchange process

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