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Merino-Bamboo Hoodie [ 3ML ] Synergyc technology hunting midlayer

Size Guide
Size Guide

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⚙️ Wold's most efficient Synergistic technology for moisture management and thermoregulation 
⚙️ Natural fleece technology that traps more air than any synthetic fleece.
⚙️ Anti-odor, anti-bacterial, self-cleaning SMART textile.
⚙️ CoatsProtect® - Sewn with anti-odor and anti-bacterial threads.
⚙️ Ergonomic pattern without underarm seams.
⚙️ Body mapping - Ventilated underarms.
⚙️ Naturally resilient and anti-creasing.
⚙️ Ergonomic hood with a high front collar for cold protection.
⚙️ Quick-drying and UV-blocking.
⚙️ Non-itching - Gentle to the skin and hypoallergenic.
⚙️ Semi-glove thumb opening.
⚙️ YKK Automatic Reversible Zippers.
⚙️ 360 degrees stretch for excellent comfort.
⚙️ Ultra-stretch chest pocket.
⚙️ 3D branding.

 hunting merino wool midlayer hoodie size chart Hillman

Sizes that guarantee comfort: Our size chart ensures that our clothing fits nearly any individual's unique body measurements. For instance, if your chest measurement falls between sizes M and L, we provide size M+, which is designed to be the perfect fit for you. Simply measure your chest, and you'll experience the utmost comfort and a bespoke-like fit with our clothing.

How did we create the most thermally efficient base layer on Earth?

Defined the 6 Goals:

  • To develop the world's most efficient natural moisture management technology.
  • To make a textile that absorbs and wicks moisture from the skin better than any other.
  • To create chemical-free odor-elimination and antibacterial fabric for hunting.
  • Design the coziest natural fiber clothing, crafted to be gentle, even on baby skin.
  • To maximize the air-trapping capability of the textile without increasing its weight
  • To deliver a durable, long-lasting material you can trust.


The synergistic technology developed by Hillman combines the best functionalities of two or more materials, achieving exponentially higher results than each material used separately. For example, we use bamboo fiber as the most efficient moisture absorber and merino wool as the most efficient wicking fiber.
In comparison, we can't reach such a high-efficiency level for moisture absorption and wick by using the materials separately.

What happens if the clothing is made only of Merino wool?

Even when we use its best quality of 15.5 microns, the Merino wool structure is coarse and can only absorb 30% of its weight in moisture. Nevertheless, it stands out as the most effective moisture-wicking material on Earth.

merino wool hunting
Practically, if you wear Merino wool, it will effectively manage moderate sweating but may struggle to absorb excessive moisture from your skin, resulting in a wet and sticky feeling on top of your skin. For example, it won't absorb moisture when you are actively running or walking, and you will develop underarm sweat on your skin that takes a longer time to be absorbed.

Furthermore, merino will cause itching on sensitive skin, irrespective of its quality, grade, and origin.

What happens if the clothing is made only of Bamboo viscose?

Bamboo viscose is a natural antibacterial hollow fiber that absorbs moisture three times its weight, three times faster than cotton, and ten times better than wool. It can wick moisture faster than cotton but is less efficient than wool.

odor elimination hunting anti-odor baslayer

For example, bamboo will absorb your sweat much quicker than any other material, but you will still develop sweat spots, which will be fewer than cotton but still exist.
Also, bamboo fiber provides a silk-like, gentle feeling when in contact with the skin. It also allows heavy brushing for superior air trapping, better insolation, and a gentle fleecy feel.

The Final Result

Using natural chemical-free bamboo fiber as the best moisture absorber and the World’s finest possible grade 15.5-micron Australian merino wool as the best moisture-wicking layer, we have exponentially higher moisture management and thermoregulation efficiency than any other material on Earth. By using the finest grades of materials, the gentle and cozy, itch-free, super functional fabric is now a reality. The plus is that both fibers are naturally antibacterial and anti-odor, making them the best synergy of natural fibers for hunting clothing ever.



To deliver the world's most advanced thermal regulation system where the bamboo fiber absorbs moisture faster than any other natural material and transports it to the most efficient evaporation fiber - merino wool at the outer side.
To increase your efficiency and comfort while hunting and to ensure you wear the highest quality thermal midlayer - unparalleled in the hunting industry.

  For use as the most efficient and technically advanced middle layer for hunting or as an outer hoodie for warmer weather.

Made to eliminate human odor through the natural anti-bacterial "self-cleaning" properties of both merino wool, bamboo viscose and anti-odor threads.

Created to provide the most comfortable climate control and to keep you warm when cold and cool when hot.

Provides perfect thermoregulation during hunting at moderately low temperatures:

from 5°C (41°F) to 15°C (59°F)
as an outer layer over the base layer

from 5°C (41°F) down to -30°C (-22°F) 
as mid-layer in combination with other layers

top 10 hunting midlayers 2024

Gear up with the best hunting midlayer on earth - an embodiment of innovation, comfort, and durability.

Dominate the hunt, equipped with SYNERTECH -  technology that exceeds expectations and sets a new standard in the world of hunting apparel.

We selected the finest Australian merino yarn and treated it by the German Südwolle plant. We developed a sandwich-like construction with a layer of the finest bamboo fiber. Then we brushed the bamboo to have all-natural air-trapping fleece next to the skin.

We have added a body zone system of a thinner fabric in the armpits area and denser in the areas where more heat is needed. We have made the boards under the armpit without seams for optimum comfort and lack of fabric in which bacteria develop, namely the seam threads. We have integrated the half-glove feature to protect the outside of your hands from the cold. We designed the model with an ergonomic cut, and a deep front zipper for optimal ventilation and added a phone pocket of a laser-cut opening. The precise flatlock stitching, as well as zippers by world leader YKK guarantee the flawless quality of the product in every detail.

If you want to wear the world's proven finest fabric made from the finest filament with unique functionality, trust Hillman and reward your body with a MERINO THERMAL TOP with no industry equivalent – we guarantee it!

Key technologies and functionality:

best-hunting midlayer


the power of anti-odor and anti-bacterial threads

Even if the material is antibacterial, the odor buildup in the underarm threads will always occur if the threads are not treated. This is why we used the one-of-a-kind CoatsProtect® threads to sew our hoodie and achieve the maximum level of odor elimination.

With anti-microbe treatment
(Zone of inhibition clearly seen)

Without treatment
(No zone of inhibition)


Designed with seamless shoulder yokes, the hoodie will bring extra comfort when carrying a backpack or rifle.

It doesn’t matter if you will wear this hoodie for hunting, hiking, or your daily life; we guarantee top performance, the highest level of comfort, and superb odor control.

Now get the best and most efficient premium hunting midlayer built with the finest materials on Earth that will bring a new level of perfection and definitely enhance your comfort and hunting efficiency.

merino hunting sweatshirt spec

Now it's your turn to favor your body in the best way,
we guarantee there's no alternative. If for any reason
you don't like it - send it back, no questions asked!

Hillman Hunting Size chart Merino Hoodie Midlayer



Merino wool is able to ditch the itch thanks to its fiber’s smaller diameter. The finer fibers are more flexible and softly bend when pressed against the skin, and therefore don’t itch like other wool fabrics. These also enhance the wool’s elastic nature, making garments made with Merino wool more able to conform to the body shape they’re on, enhancing the garment’s performance and the wearer’s comfort.

merino midlayer microns

How we invented the world’s best Merino layers ever made for hunting