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April 13, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

     Hunting with kids 101:

Mr. Hillman 
A loving husband and dad, a proud hunter and outdoor adventure seeker!

The best way to get your kid excited about hunting!

As an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I decided to take my 5-year-old son deer hunting with me. As a father, nothing would bring me a greater joy than to introduce my passion to my kid, and to further inspire the future generations, by keeping buck hunting alive!

Hunting season with your kids? You gotta be prepared! 

Before you endure on this adventure, my advice is to set aside some quality time and get ready together. While you are choosing their hunting clothes and packing up their backpack, trigger your child’s interest with some exciting facts about the importance of Elk and Deer hunting, show them deer hunting videos, tell them few tricks and tips on how to be a great hunter, that go along the entire process. Thus, you have the chance to spur their enthusiasm and get them even more excited about the sport. Make sure you pack some extra food and beverages, just in case! Gear up with special waterproof and windproof hunting apparel! Kids are very energetic so they can easily get hungry and wet. If you are not ready for it, you may end up unpleasantly surprised and ruin their first impression about hunting.

The lessons you learn from hunting with you kids!

I realized few things. Tagging your kids along during deer hunting season shouldn’t essentially be about the catch. Use this fantastic opportunity to bond and teach them how to love, appreciate and respect the outdoors. Meanwhile patiently introduce them to a new skill, which will later instill self-reliance and build their character. Not lastly, have fun together and try to create unforgettable father-son moments, that will last long after you are gone.

The fundamental benefits of teaching the younger generation how to hunt!

There are not one or two, but many important life lessons that children could comprehend from hunting like learning how to provide, vital survival skills, discipline, as well as patience, strength and concentration, especially when bow hunting! Instill responsibility and make your kids feel like a part of the team! Try to use every opportunity to tip them with facts about best time for deer hunting and good deer hunting riffles. Give them small tasks here and there, something they can bare to perform, like following deer tracks or asking for their input on good hiding places! Nothing would make them feel more confident than shooting a buck, but emphasize on safety first! Be the living example by showing them the correct safety behavior and teach them how to properly handle the deer gear.

Have realistic expectations!

As a parent I admit, I felt not prepared enough for taking my curious little ball of energy on our first deer hunting quest together. A little advice from me: progress with their own speed, not yours, and consider your first few times as exploratory attempts. This is the time to make your kid fall in love with Her Majesty the Nature! Pay attention to the questions your surprisingly smart kid may ask you, because oh boy, they just keep coming!

Although you don’t catch a buck the first time, deer hunting should always be a motivating and fascinating adventure for the younger generation. A good way to make your kid a good first-time hunter is to spend as much time as possible out in the open air. Take walks, explore the woodlands together. Try to teach him how to observe and behave in the woods if they wish to spot a wild animal from up close. If you wish to further excite your heir about this thrilling deer hunting experience, get you two - matching 3D Whitetail Deer T-shirts, made with 100% true-to-life 4K Photocamouflage® Image technology. Hillman shirts could make a great gift for deer hunters, bring you even closer together and make for some wonderful memories of you teaching him valuable life lessons.

And remember, you should know when to quit!

Don’t force them to shoot an animal at the beginning, especially if they don’t want to. Always try to share your past experiences and wisdom. Devote your time to patiently explain them the significance of hunting, because without hunting there would be no conservation, and without conservation, there would be no wildlife! Simple as that.