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Size Guide
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 ✔ MATRIX® and Aerogel insulation 
 ✔ Dyneema® world's strongest fabric
 ✔ Dryhunt® - The most air-permeable membrane
 ✔ Vibram® ARCTIC GRIP™ ice traction
 ✔ FREELOCK® Unbreakable smart-lace system
 ✔ Durashield® Flexible, double-sided protection
 ✔ Waterproof up to 5 inches 
 ✔ 360 Degree reinforcement
 ✔Foot joint protection with a flexible structure
 ✔ H-Flex® cushioned, heel-stabilizing insole
 ✔ Shock-absorbing EVA midsole by Vibram®
 ✔ Ventilated, memory-foam collar
 ✔ Comfortable wear with pulling ribbon
 ✔ Detachable gaiters loops

 Thermal range: 60°F to -22°F  
: Boot size 9 - 1.3 lbs
 Outer shell: Full grain Italian cow leather, Dyneema®
 Lining: Memory foam, polyester, polyurethane
 Care Instructions: Wash by hand and air dry in the shade. For leather preservation, use mink oil or waterproof leather wax.




We didn't settle for good out in the field - we pushed boundaries. We took already exceptional boots and infused them with the latest tech, raising the bar to a level that defines true excellence. These aren't just hunting boots; they're a testament to unwavering dedication and a promise of unmatched performance.


Now, with the most innovative ARCTIC GRIP™ outsoles by Vibram®, you will have the perfect traction, not only on mud but even on ice and frozen surfaces.

The outsoles are also mud-proof and keep mud and debris from sticking to your boots. The rubber is formulated to have superior cohesion to almost any surface.

Now, there’s nowhere you can’t go!


Dyneema stands as the pinnacle of strength, surpassing even steel and Kevlar. Renowned as the world's strongest fiber, it combines unparalleled durability with an astonishingly lightweight composition.
We utilized Dyneema® for the folding tongue sides to create a sleek, highly comfortable, exceptionally durable zone that is resistant to friction – all without producing any squeaking or noise while in motion.


The new Freelock® revolutionary lacing system is practically unbreakable thanks to the world's first 1 mm stainless steel laces. The laces are made of stainless steel wire consisting of 49 strands and are practically unbreakable. The steel wire is coated with plastic reinforcement to prevent friction against the shoes, protect your feet, and keep them comfortable. No way can you break it.

The new technology knob with the highest dragging power and superb durability is engineered by a new technology that is much simpler than other competitive products and has fewer weak points.
If you want superior pleasure when wearing your boots, then you’ll love the Freelock® intelligent lacing system. Turn the control knob, and the web of laces tightens automatically and evenly.

While walking, the forces are focused on the multi-point ankle guides to provide superior ankle support. No matter how tightly you lace your boots, the force helps to provide optimal stability as you walk, run, or climb.

The gear ratio is perfectly optimized so you can lace your boots with fewer turns than any currently in the market. It works so smoothly that it is a pleasure to use it every time.

The wire guides are made of durable cold-resistant nylon and wider channels that will make it hard to block the wire if mud is stuck in the guides.

You’re going to wish every pair of shoes you own had the FREELOCK® lacing system.


Elevate your footwear's durability to unprecedented levels. Our side protection panels, crafted from Durashield® molded rubber, set a new standard for wear resistance, ensuring a lifetime of peak performance.

Alpha 2.0 Hunting Boots by Hillman are going to change the way you think about outdoor footwear. With every step, you’ll enjoy superior comfort, exceptional support, and top-of-line protection, all from a design that’s lighter and better-looking than anything else on the market.


Only with 7.5 grams per boot of the world's lightest Matrix® insulation that is as efficient as almost a vacuum, the thermal efficiency is now upgraded to -22°F
The combination of Matrix with Aerogel is the only technology that provides optimal insulation when cold and a cooling effect when warm.

What is Aerogel, and why is it most efficient in synergy with Matrix?

NASA originally developed Aerogel in the late 1990s to protect astronauts from the cold of open space while maintaining mobility inside their spacesuits.

Matrix is the latest insulation technology, boasting thermal efficiency nearly equivalent to that of a vacuum. Our scientists have discovered that when combined with Aerogel, it delivers unmatched excellence in both thermal conductivity and radiant insulation. Together, they show a 15% improvement in efficiency compared to when used independently.
Thanks to this synergic technology, our boots achieve thermal resistance down to -22° F / -30°C while not overheating the feet when outside temperatures are high.

Today we offer the lightest, most flexible, and most efficient insulations that outperforms any other insulating material made by any company on Earth. It’s simply the finest insulation ever made by man.

The weight of Aerogel is just 50 grams per square meter, and Matrix is just 40 grams - together they have 20% higher thermal insulation properties as insulation of 800 gr/m2.
This superb weight-to-efficiency ratio makes Alpha 2.0 Aerogel boots at least 20% lighter, 30% less bulky, and 1800% more efficient than the best-insulated booths on the market.

And that's not all...

The combination of Aerogel and Matrix thermal insulations is bi-directional, meaning that on hot days, it insulates your feet from heat. This doesn't mean your feet will be chilled, but at least you will feel the temperature in your boots as comfortable as when using waterproof boots without insulation.


What makes the best waterproof and breathable hunting boots - The miracle science.

The Dryhunt® nanoporous hydrophobic waterproof membrane is a mouthful, but here’s what it means:

This innovative membrane is hundreds of times more breathable than the world-leading brand membrane - GTX. It repels water at the same time, giving you exceptional breathability AND dry, comfortable feet.


Dryhunt® has unmatched breathability, allowing the moisture from your feet to be transported outside the boots much faster and efficiently. The nanoporous air-permeable technology performs hundreds of times better than the moisture vapor transmission technology. Other hunting boots can leave you with damp, sticky feet by the end of the day, but Dryhunt® provides the best balance of breathability and waterproofness.

Watch the video - Dryhunt vs. World Leading Brand membrane.
(nanoporous vs. nonporous membrane)



In terms of waterproofness, the conventional benchmark rests at 1.6 inches (4 cm) above the boot's board. Hillman, however, surpasses this norm significantly. Our boots maintain their waterproof integrity even when submerged in water up to 5 inches (12 cm) deep. This exceeds the standard by over threefold, enabling you to navigate muddy terrain, marshes, and riverbanks without a drop seeping in.

Hillman boots are tested with water under pressure to ensure that every single stitch and seam of the interior will keep water from getting in. Your feet are the only thing getting into your Hillman boots!


On the inside, you get comfort with every step, thanks to the shock-proof EVA midsole.
The insole with the H-Flex heel stabilization system additionally cushions impact and provides superior weight load while reducing the vibration in every step.


Maximum joint movement is an essential part of the design.

Even with all this stability, you still have a flexible design that allows for a superior range of motion to keep you safe and stable while you cover uneven terrain.

Conventional outdoor boots often feature a rigid structure that restricts movement in the ankle and foot joints, resulting in a concentration of load on the calves. In contrast, our flexible construction facilitates uniform load distribution across all joints, leading to a more comfortable and ergonomic experience.


360° board protection with two types of polymer materials guarantees the highest wear resistance while allowing all foot joints to move freely.

Prepare to redefine your outdoor adventures with Alpha Aerogel Hunting Boots by Hillman.

Step into a world of unprecedented comfort, unmatched support, and ultimate protection, all wrapped in a design that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Gear up for extended hunting sessions, extended hikes, and extended enjoyment of your favorite activities. Experience the Alpha Aerogel difference from the very first fitting.

But first, you have to try them, so try with confidence! Every pair of boots we sell comes with:

Two-year warranty
If there is any manufacturing issue, we’ll replace them.

Money-back Guarantee
If they aren’t the best hunting boots ever, you don’t pay a dime

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 Experience the epitome of high-tech luxury with the world's most advanced boots.

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Care instructions
Utilize mink oil or waterproof leather wax for leather preservation. Avoid machine washing your boots. Allow them to air dry. These boots are recommended for outdoor use and should be used per their intended purpose. Utilizing them on abrasive surfaces like asphalt or concrete may compromise their durability. Please note that any wear and tear damage or damage resulting from inappropriate use will void the warranty. The waterproofing warranty is applicable for six months under regular use. We strongly advise using your boots primarily for hunting and outdoor activities and not for everyday wear.

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